2020 :)

Written by MarieLynn

Happy 2020 everyone! I hope life finds you well. It has been such a busy start that is for certain. I have so much going on in my life, both professionally and in my personal hobbies. One does always have to find time for themselves and to play in constructive ways. Life can be short, if one doesn’t stop and appreciate the beauties of life. What do they call it? The Balance Factor!

As you may know, I am still available for VIP Companionship, though my limited schedule can be tricky. When stars align, stars align and everything falls in place. I really don’t know how to stress this enough, but get your screening info in or email/text me your thoughts and I’ll let you know what I need in order to screen you. I know there’s some gents who don’t like to give out certain info, and I can respect that. However, I will have to verify you somehow, so please bear with me as I have several methods in order to do so to feel safe. I am well-reviewed and well-verified since 2007. So, no need to fear your info is ALWAYS DISCREET and DISCARDED carefully. After I screen, PREBOOK is the key. As I said before, I do book months in advance. I’m low-volume, meaning I go out on dates maybe once or twice a week with a lucky gent or 2. Other than that, I do have a busy life outside of this and have many worldly interests that I partake in.

I would love to meet adventurous and respectful affluent gents who know how to treat a lady. So, with that said, “Ta Ta For Now!” KISSES!!


MarieLynn of DFW