Hello world!

An Introduction While in Bed (LOL)

Written by MarieLynn

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your stay! Relax and get as comfy as possible, because life is too short to not have fun or to be happy! I’ll be posting updated content weekly and throw in a few surprises as well. If you haven’t already, please sign up for my sexy newsletter! You don’t want to miss out on any DFW appearances! WINK!

A lot of gents ask me what social media I am on. I am on Twitter (@DFWCompanion), Snapchat (txvipcompanion), Instagram (@vipmarielynn), Facebook is a no-no for me sorry guys!

As for text messages once I get to know you, I don’t mind the occasional short and sweet text, “Hi MarieLynn, how’s it going? Hope your day is bright and beautiful as you are! I hope to see you soon and will update you on my travels as soon as possible. Kisses.” I actually like those! It lets me know that a “MarieLynn thought” has entered your brain, and that makes me happy. I hope to not only bring your world happy thoughts, but new worldly adventures too!

When we are on a dinner date, (my absolute favorite BTW!), I want us to enjoy pleasant and optimistic conversation. I even indulge in the occasional TABOO topics like politics and religion and fetishes and aliens, and the latest AI developments, etc. etc. You get where I am going here? I love to explore subjects that people normally don’t talk about at dinner time. When you are with me, let your inhibitions loose and let them roam free. 🙂 It’ll make us both happy for sure.

While I’m sitting here updating my first blog, I hear the thunder outside and raindrops pouring. While I should be in bed, (well, I am in bed but not sleeping Haha!), I should say I love having my projects completed. So, with that said, I hope you enjoy my brand new website and by all means, if you have suggestions for me, please email me and let me know. I am very teachable and always prefer learning than not.

Ta-Ta-For Now!

Ms. MarieLynn of DFW



An Elite VIP Companion in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. MarieLynn loves to write, listen to music, indulge in the great things in life, seeks nature, and loves spending time with gentlemen from various backgrounds and experience.